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We promise that your giving is doing what it’s supposed to do – restarting the economy.

50 Hands organization is established as a Digital philanthropic organization to help Job seekers, Startups, Small business and Independent Service providers.  We help build employability skills through an incubation model and use the process to support start-ups businesses and independent service providers.
This results in a win-win situation for volunteers as well as the start-ups, thus creating a sustainable model for the economic recovery of the local communities
We primarily work using data driven models and provide crowdsourced Phygital solutions. We intend to make a long lasting difference in the lives of global citizens in need.


Mathi Natarajan


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cool insights

We truly understand the importance of information and the impact it makes on decisions and operations. We try to bring you the facts and the data analytics to help your business become intelligent. Know more about what’s happening in your business and community and see what you can do.
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jobs near you 

COVID-19 has drastically affected the lives of people, whether it be professionally or emotionally. Millions of people have lost their jobs. See available job openings near your area and how you can apply for them.
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outbreaks near you 

The number of people infected and dying from Coronavirus is increasing every hour. It is important to know how your community has been affected. Check the outbreaks near you and make sure you are safe.
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Our list of brilliant projects

"The good or best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."


Ecommerce Startup

Accelerating Omnichannel transformation of Local / Kirana / Mom & Pop Stores

Ecommerce Startup
Seventy 70%

Tribal Village goes Digital

We are partnering with Thaimai trust to help livelihood of 40 tribal families to help sell their Mountain Honey, Organic Vegetables and other natural products online including supply chain planning.
Tribal Village goes Digital
Forty 40%

Beauty Products Startup

Helping Social Commerce of an Instagram focused startup right through Online Sales and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Beauty Products Startup
Five 5%
innovation Program

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Digital internship

If you’re STUDENT looking to enhance experience, a JOB SEEKER struggling to get back in your field or a NEW IMMIGRANT trying to set foot in the market, we have the right opportunities to get you reach these goals.
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Digital accelerator

If you’re SMALL BUSINESS looking to go Digital, a INDEPENDENT SERVICE PROVIDER struggling to connect with your customers or a STARTUP trying to stabilize in turbulent times, we have the right talent and speed to enable you reach these goals.
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We Need Your Help

featured campaigns

successful campaign
Orchestrated 1 campaign, fulfilling the basic necessities for those in need.
lives changed
Helped 45 people so far, making their daily lifestyle easier
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global supporters
With supporters who share similar ideals, we can endure great deal to achieve our success, we’re thankful for our supporters around the world.
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we are here to serve you

food campaign 

Hunger. We believe that many people have difficulty accessing/buying food due to the pandemic. Please donate to the nearest food bank to you and help save another life.
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past campaign 

Get to know how our past food bank campaign has helped people in and around your community.
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Support Lebanon 

Melting economy, political turmoil, surge in corona virus cases and now the explosion in capital, these series of disasters will have a deep rooted impact on devastated economy and the health care system of Lebanon.
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our amazing team of volunteers and interns are committed to help the economic recovery of local communities

50Hands, a non profit organization is motivated to help communities across the world and get involved in the ECONOMIC RECOVERY during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We truly believe that all the information available doesn’t help ordinary people and we hope to bring credible and informative data easily accessible by people around the communities. You can become a volunteer today by contacting us or you can also help by spreading word about our causes.